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emoboyseries's Journal

The LJ Home to The Emo Boy Series
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This community is dedicated to a series of short stories written by me called The Emo Boy Stories and it's spin-off stories, A Fallen Angel, A Human Being, A Junky Boy, Back When You Were Frank, Adam and the forthcoming Ashes To Ashes

The Emo Boy Stories are currently 8 short stories that have featured on fictionpress. You can find the first story, Emo Boys Do Cry, here:


Reading Order

The series should be read in the following order:

1) Emo Boys Do Cry
2) Emo Boy, Still Crying
3) Story of An Emo Rockstar
4) The Emo Boy and His Fallen Angel
5) A Fallen Angel, A Human Being, A Junky Boy {although it's not technically part of the series, it helps to read this story at this point, as a character crosses over from this story into the series}
6) The Emo Boy and His Baby
7) The Emo Boy and Redemption
8) The Emo and His Big Day
9) The Emo Boy and His Curtain Call

This community is dedicated to the stories and is a forum for the thoughts, comments, questions and plain random thoughts of people who have read and enjoyed the series. So if you've read and enjoyed the series, or plan to in the near future, why don't you join and find out what's really behind Matt's Cons?

Credit for these colourbars goes to the fantastic dolphingoddess

Matt Harris is Emo Boy Love

Adam Eden Is Cute Catholic Boy Love

Fay is Peter Pan Love

Deo is Fallen Angel, Human Being, Junky Boy Love

Anavrin Are Emo Superstar Love

When joining:

I would really appreciate it if you would fill in the following survey type thing - it's not an application in any way, but it would allow me to give you a formal hello and such likes!

Favourite story in the series and why?:
Favourite character in the series and why?:
Any favourite quotes?:
Any other comments?: